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Mr Adams


Do not be astonished by the contents of this mail.
These appeal is more necessary when this type of
letter is totally coming from a stranger.`

Iam Paul Adams principal  attorney to Engr. Tony
Douglas, a Director Project Implementation with the
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation based in warri,
Delta my search on the internet for a worthwile,
and good enough investment,your person and company profile
captured my attention earnestly.

My client received gratification of twenty two million,  U.S Dollars
($22,000,000.00) from the awarded contract to a foreign
firms for the construction and maintenance of 250 Million(LPG)
Gas plant at warri Refinery. Hence the funds is under the custody
of Domestic Bank for safe-keeping, I have been mandated by my
client  (Engr.Tony Douglas)to seek assistance of a trustworthy
Foreign company or an individual who could help to provide Bank
Account to receive the money for investment without any hitch.

However, my client has agreed to will 15% of the total sum to
you, while 5% is set-aside for expenses.Therefore, if this offer
is acceptable to you, please indicate your interest by contacting
me on my email address  for a more laborate explanations.

Please be informed that there are no risk  involved in your involve
ment as all modalities has been put in place to facilitate the smooth
run of the transaction.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

My best Regards,

Paul Adams.
Principal Attorney

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