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Re: pthread_cond_timedwait accurate to one second only

-----Original Message-----
From: "peter garrone" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 15:42:52 +0800
Subject: pthread_cond_timedwait accurate to one second only

I would like to use this function down to 10 milliseconds accuracy if possible.
However upon looking at winsup/cygwin/, 
it uses the function "ftime" and the millisecond field is ignored.

All the examples in the winsup testsuite also generally check to 5 seconds only.

Is there any inherent reason why finer timing would not work?
In order to avoid going to newlib and implementing Windows GetLocalTime() calls in gettimeofday(), we made the -mwin32 build option invoke the API milliseconds call directly in the g77 runtime libf2c/libU77/datetime_.c.  I think the "inherent reason" is the perceived awkwardness in making <sys/time.h> library calls pick up milliseconds on Windows, while leaving the lower order part of the microseconds field undetermined.  My documentation on ftime() says it is obsoleted by gettimeofday().
Tim Prince

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