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no path set after installation on win2k

This is meant as a follow-up to
The solutions offered to the original poster do not appear to work for me. Details below. Suggestions gratefully received.

>Subject: Re: no path set after installation on win2k
>From: Igor Pechtchanski <pechtcha <at>>
>Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 15:34:22 -0400 (EDT)
>On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Lucas Gonze wrote:
>> Bug:
>> * Run a fresh install on Windows 2000 5.00.2195.
>> * Start a shell
>> * Do "ls" or any other standard command from /cygwin/bin.
>> * Command not found.

I am experiencing this same problem.

>> It's probably relevant that the runtime environment hasn't been
>> initialized -- there's no ~/.bashrc and no /etc/.bash_profile.  The
>> specific source of my download doesn't seem to be relevant, since I
>> tried a bunch of different ones.  It doesn't seem to help to reinstall,
>> since the reinstall always says that there's nothing to install.

This is so for me too.

>> Off the top of my head, my guess is that the post-install setup isn't
>> happening.  Any suggestions for a fix or workaround?
>> Thanks in advance.
>> - Lucas Gonze
>The standard procedure for reporting Cygwin problems (especially setup
>problems) is to attach the output of "cygcheck -svr", as indicated in
><> (which is a
>good read in any case).

For this I went for a "total uninstall plus install just the
basics". For the uninstall, I did as specified in

First I deleted the cygwin icon on the desktop and the cygwin tree in
the start menu (for all users).
Then I deleted the Software\Cygnus solution tree in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
Then I deleted the cygwin root directory using windows explorer.
I also deleted everything in Windows' TEMP directory
(ie c:\Documents and settings\administrator\local settings\temp).

Then I copied setup to an empty c:\temp dir (not the same as Windows'
temp dir), just in case it liked to write something there.

I ran setup. This was done as administrator, with the machine
disconnected from any network, and antivirus and firewall temporarily

On cycling through the "view" button until "uninstall", I was
surprised to get the message "nothing to install/update". Why? At that
point the machine had just been thoroughly cleaned of cygwin.

So just to be on the safe side I cycled the action to
"all/uninstall". It flashed and said there was nothing to do. Thank you.

So I restarted setup once more. And here too, even just after having
in theory "uninstalled" everything, when I selected the view of "not
installed", it said "nothing to install/update".

So I went to "view/category" "all/default" "misc/reinstall", and there
I selected just the following:

The advice in this followup says

"The workaround was to nuke my /cygwin directory and old package
directory, then install *only* the default items.  That was different
from before, where I installed everything in one shot, base at the
same time as chrome.  After that I was able to get cygwin.bat to give
me a shell with a working ls, cygcheck, etc."

so I tried to install only the small set of packages mentioned
above. It is not clear what the "default items" were, so I may not
have chosen the same items as the poster.

At the end of the install I double-clicked the cygwin icon on the
desktop and got a bash-2.05b$ prompt. Sure enough, even ls gave
"command not found". I tried "cygcheck -svr" and this gave "command
not found" too.

The path was not set, so I set it manually:

export PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:$PATH

After this, "ls" still could not be found, but I could at least run
"cygcheck -svr" and got

Cygwin Win95/NT Configuration Diagnostics
Current System Time: Sun Aug 24 14:44:58 2003

Windows 2000 Professional Ver 5.0 Build 2195 Service Pack 4

Path:	C:\apps\cygwin\bin
`id' program not found

Not sure if this will be of much help.

>At a guess, are you installing as a domain user?


>BTW, the post-install script invocation should be logged in
>/etc/setup/setup.log.full, so you can look there to verify whether the
>scripts were actually invoked, and whether there were errors.  This file

The directory /etc/setup only contains a file called installed.db

>is overwritten on every install, though, so try blowing away your Cygwin
>directory (see <>),
>re-installing from
>scratch, and then looking at the file.

I believe I did just that, but couldn't get there.

Frank (filologo disneyano)

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