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Re: bash won't clear down ?

On Sun, 24 Aug 2003, David Selby wrote:

> Ive been using cygwin for a few weeks now, its great & so darn usefull,
> however I have one query.
> I run 98SE, use rxvt for a terminal. When I close the shell & tell
> windows to re-boot it frequently refuses saying a program will not shut
> down. There are no programms running. If I ctrl-alt-del, one or more
> occurances of bash are running, when & only when I terminate these will
> 98SE reboot.
> It does not seem to matter if I "exit" bash or click on "x" close
> window, the same result.
> Any ideas
> Dave


It is a known problem that if you close rxvt using the "x" button, the
shell running in it won't get the HUP signal and will keep running.
However, IIRC, using "exit" explicitly should kill the shell.
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