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Re: [Serial] PPP/SLIP/.../ network?

Sylvain Briole wrote:

> I am currently using the latest Cygwin DLL release version (1.3.22-1) on a
> Windows 2000 computer. I am quite new to the Cygwin world.
> This computer is connected to the "external" world through its network card.
> I have also a laptop without any network card, but a free serial port.
> I would like to allow the laptop to reach this "external" world through the
> Windows 2000 computer.
> The laptop is running Linux.
> I have a null-modem cable to connect the two computers.

Heh. I had a similar situation a while ago. I must confess I didn't even
think of trying Cygwin <shame> Anyway, I asked in the newsgroup and they suggested one or two parallel
port network adapters which were known to work under Linux. The thread is
called "Networking an old laptop" and I think you should find it on even if my messages are missing. There's quite a
few kicking about on the various Ebay sites, you just need to make sure you
get one that is known to work with Linux. There were a couple of other ideas
other than the adapter idea as well, maybe you would prefer one of those.
Hope that helps some, though I must confess I would like to know if there is
a Cygwin solution.

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