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Re: New package: wft-0.0.3-l

On Mon, 18 Aug 2003, James Spinks wrote:

> Great package btw, loving it so far...
> Slight problem though, if I have a $HOME/.wtf directory with databases
> and indexes in it then the wtf program no longer searches the databases
> in the /usr/share/wtf directory.  If I rename my .wtf directory then the
> system databases are searched once more.
> Any chance that this could be fixed so that both directories are
> searched -- or is this a 'feature' ;-)
> Additionally, the wtfindex program cores if you attempt to index a
> database with only one entry.  Not many of those in real usage I guess,
> but if foxed me for a while during testing.


Thanks for testing and a comprehensive bug report.  The second problem
should be fixed in the upcoming release of the wtf package.  I know how to
fix the first one as well, but it seems (from looking at the source) that
this behavior was intended.  I've forwarded your report to the upstream
maintainer, and we should be reaching a resolution of some sort fairly
soon, at which point I'll release a new version of wtf.
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