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Re: auto tab complete

jwaterbrook wrote:

That's what I was fishing for. and the comment about sh and cmd not supporting it was exactly what I was wondering (I just didn't know it yet :) ). "shell at home is bash with completion set up" - I guess my next question is what did you have to do to set it up besides just using the executable?

While it is true that it is the remotely running shell that may or may not provide filename completion, jwaterbrook is not running a shell session - he's running an ftp session (I assume that sftp is secure ftp).

Now ncftp is yet another ftp client and it does provide for filename completion with the tab key. How exactly it does it I don't know (I suspect in response to a tab character for filename completion it uses ftp to get the directory listing then figures out just how far to got in completing the filename itself - IOW not by relying on any software running on the remote machine).

So ncftp would solve his problem, except that I suspect, since he's using sftp he's concerned about security and wants his ftp session encrypted(?). If that be the case then I'm not sure that ncftp encrypts the traffic.

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