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Re: Licensing for academic computer labs at a university (and setup.exe suggestions)

On Fri, Aug 22, 2003 at 10:45:17AM -0500, Scott Copus wrote:
>Bill C. Riemers wrote:
>>Actually, if the are university computers, then only university needs
>>to have access to the source.  The GPL only requires that if you are
>>distribute the binaries, that you also distribute the source.  It says
>>nothing about providing source for your own computers.  That is true
>>for both an individual and an institution.  However, if students are
>>allowed to copy the Cygwin distribution off the computers then they
>>need to have access to the source.  A single network shared directory
>>would be sufficient for normal sized computer lab, since few of the
>>students would want to download a more than one or two source packages.
>Are you saying that it's possible to put a "readme" notice somewhere on
>the workstation that tells students if they want the source code to any
>or all Cygwin packages, just "go see this person" or "go to this URL
>(internal to the university of course)" or something equivalent?

Let me again *strongly* suggest that you investigate the GPL FAQ
( and that you consult a
lawyer.  At the very least you could ask for a ruling from the FSF on
this GPL issue.

Cygwin Project Manager
Red Hat, Inc.

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