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Re: how to install without internet connection?

Can you dumb it down for me a little more?

I don't have a wget tool installed on w2k desktop.  If I want to use this

And the top folder on that mirror shows these files:

 Parent Directory        07-May-2003 04:45      -
 mail-archives/          09-May-2003 05:29      -
 md5.sum                 08-May-2003 20:54     1k
 release/                09-May-2003 05:44      -
 setup.bz2               08-May-2003 20:10    45k
 setup.exe               07-Apr-2003 06:20   253k
 setup.exe.old           08-Mar-2003 17:08   180k
 setup.ini               08-May-2003 20:10   176k
 tmp/                    09-May-2003 05:29      -
 xfree/                  09-May-2003 05:29      -

What should folder should I grab?  Should I grab everything in the release
folder and download it into a folder on my computer called

Thanks for the help.

> Yes. You can download the site, and use the local dir to install
> 1) Choose a mirror from the mirror list at
> 2) download the entire file tree. Use wget  or other similar tool
> 3) select install from local directory
> Orginal -------------
> Hi -
> The proxy server at work is really fussy and no matter what I try, I
> can't get the setup.exe that I pulled of the cygwin website to
> successfully connect.
> Is there a way to install without having the installer be able to
> connect to the internet?  For example, can I download all the packages I
> need, then fire up the installer, and then point it at that directory?
> How do I do that?

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