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Re: It's a snapshot

History: Up to now, and for months past, running everything [curr] on W98/SE
has been completely bomb-proof apart from occasional problems when running
XWin and after exiting XWin. (Problems= blue screen; copies of rxvt, bash
and winoldap left lying around; wget almost always grinding to a halt when
only part-way through wget'ing stuff.)

What I did next: click on [exp] and install *everything* that was offered.

Now: a few problems.

(1) When attempting to recompile one of only 3 non_cygwin executables that I
frequently use (and that has been trouble-free both in compilation and
execution) I got

final link failed:
    File truncated
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

(2) Some scripts that are commonly used (by me, I mean) call files from
elsewhere in the system. Occasionally it has proved necessary to refer to
their location explicitly as c:/Cygwin/{path to filename} (yes, forward
slashes) rather than simply {path to filename}. Now I am getting "cannot
open" error messages at the point that the files are sought. Maybe this is
as a consequence of some re-vamp (= improvement, in fact) in background
logic, temporarily denied to me because the executable has not been
re-compiled, but anyway this is the consequence presently.

(3) Using xdvi, I got simply

    > xdvi a4.dvi
    Signal 11

That's all I can report at the moment, and I am sorry for these bald
statements rather than any diagnostic suggestions.


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