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Re: It's a snapshot

On Thu, Aug 21, 2003 at 10:56:20PM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 22, 2003 at 03:25:54AM +0100, Elfyn McBratney wrote:
> >Christopher Faylor <> wrote:
> >>Tonight's snapshot is nearly 1.5.3-ready.
> >>
> >>I'd appreciate it if people would test the snapshot and report failures
> >>or successes here.
> >>
> >>If there are no serious issues with this version then I will probably
> >>flip the switch and make 1.5.3 the latest, current version of cygwin,
> >>switching all of the test versions of packages to be current at that
> >>time.
> >>
> >>Then, at that point, we'll hear from all of you who haven't been
> >>testing 1.5.x and its packages, of course...
> >
> >I would have joined in earlier looking for the ld problem, but nowadays
> >life without Windows is pure bliss.  :-)
> Um.  Ok.  I have no idea what this means or why you wanted to share this
> with us.  I assume you've moved off Windows to linux, maybe.
> Is anyone *else* interested in trying snapshots?  We really need to get this,
> and the rest of 1.5.2 tested.
Sure - anything in particular you want tested?
I'll be using it for everything I use Cygwin for anyway, but if there's anything
in particular you'd like me to try - shoot :)


I feel better about world problems now!

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