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Re: Licensing for academic computer labs at a university

Scott Copus <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Would it be possible to incorporate Cygwin into computer lab images for 
> computer labs at an educational institution for academic use by students?
> Would the source have to be included too if it was included on each hard 
> drive of a lab workstation?  (I'm talking about a pre-installed 
> package--not a "setup" that students must run first.)

IANAL, but you'll need to give them source, too. If your distributing this
(binary) "package" to your students, you need to give them the source code
for the corresponding binaries (in one way or another).

You should aquaint yourself with the GPL FAQ (available one GNU's website
here <>).

> The FAQ mentions the full package itself is approximately 800MB--NOT 
> INCLUDING the source code.  If I were required to include the source 
> code (even if it's still tarred and g-zipped), then does anyone know how 
> much space would that require?

Binary ~400MB, source ~500MB. Something like that anyway.

-- Elfyn

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