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Re: Map Backspace to ASCII DEL?

Ian Brandt wrote:

Wow, go figure, it does run in a native window. That is pretty darn cool. Well, so far so good. I've got the keys mapped the way I want them. I like the way Cut/Copy/Paste works. I like that selections are line by line, as opposed to rectangular. Scroll wheel works. So far no problem with full screen apps such as emacs and less.

Yes very cool. I use it all the time. Here's another tip: Instead of wildly long invocation lines use ~/.Xdefaults to specify things that are common and possibly to create term "types" then use rxvt -name... For example, instead of

$ rxvt -fn "Lucida Console-*-15" -sl 500 -backspacekey ^? -deletekey ^? \
> -bg "#0000aaaaffff" -fg Whtie -colorBD Blue -colorUL Red -cursor Red

You can just do rxvt for your default rxvt. If you want different colors (or other things) then you can use rxvt -name hostb or rxvt -name hostc, etc, given the following ~/.XDefaults file. This allows you to keep all your terminal "types" or "schemes" neatly defined in one place.

! Rxvt defaults

! Global Settings
*font:                          "Lucida Console-*-15"
*saveLines:                     500
*termName:                      cygwin
*scrollBar_right:               True
*geometry:                      80x24
*loginShell:                    True
*backspacekey:                  ^?
*deletekey:                     ^h

! Default color "scheme" (when no -name is used):
Rxvt.background:                #0000aaaaffff
Rxvt.foreground:                White
Rxvt.colorBD:                   Blue
Rxvt.colorUL:                   Red
Rxvt.cursorColor:               Red

! Color scheme for hostb
hostb.background:              Slateblue
hostb.foreground:              White
hostb.colorBD:                 Yellow
hostb.colorUL:                 Red
hostb.cursorColor:             Yellow

! Color scheme for hostc
hostc.background:              Black
hostc.foreground:              White
hostc.colorBD:                 Green
hostc.colorUL:                 Orang
hostc.cursorColor:             Cyan

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