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Re: Map Backspace to ASCII DEL?

Ian Brandt wrote:

Dr.D.J.Picton wrote:

I think that rxvt has the functionality which you require. For example:

rxvt -backspacekey ^? -deletekey ^h
will give you a session in which the backspace key generates ^h and the
delete key generates ^?. (It might then be useful to issue stty -erase ^?
so that you can use the backspace key to delete characters in simple
terminal input.)

In the case of emacs, have you tried running it under X11? In this mode it
can distinguish between the backspace key (which it interprets as a
'delete last character' function) and ^h (which calls the help command).

rxvt is purely an X application though, no?

No. It's not a purely X only application. If you do not give it a -display nor have DISPLAY set then it works quite well with Windows - in fact better than the Cygwin console mode (with the exception of some programs that do not understand ptys like cleartool!).

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