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Re: Map Backspace to ASCII DEL?

> From: Ian Brandt <ian at ianbrandt dot com> 
> To: Cygwin <cygwin at cygwin dot com> 
> Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 09:16:44 -0400 
> Subject: Re: Map Backspace to ASCII DEL? 
> References: <> 

>Dr.D.J.Picton wrote:

>    I think that rxvt has the functionality which you require. For example:
>    rxvt -backspacekey ^? -deletekey ^h 


> rxvt is purely an X application though, no? I'm trying to get this going under 
> the Cygwin
> console. For X I could use xmodmap which would change the binding before 
> it got to rxvt, xterm, emacs, etc.

Actually, rxvt has a native Windows mode (which will run if DISPLAY is unset),
although it probably requires some of the X11R6 .dll files to run.  So you
could try using rxvt in place of a standard console by changing cygwin.bat
to do:

rxvt -backspacekey ^? -deletekey ^h -e bash --login &

The only problem I noticed was the small font (which you can change by pressing
the '+' key on the keypad in conjunction with the shift key) and the
fact that the DISPLAY variable is set (which could be fixed with an /etc/profile


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