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Re: init and xinetd woes

> hello all,

> I've been messing around with xinetd and init and I can't seem to get
> to play nicely together.

> I've checked the archives and have reinstalled xinetd, sysvinit,
> initscripts, etc., run the appropriate config files (overwriting existing
> /etc/*config files) and I still can't get init to start xinetd.

> /var/log/init.log is empty

> net start init produces the following output:

> INIT: version 2.84 booting
> INIT: Entering runlevel: 3
> INIT: no more processes left in this runlevel

init is HYPER sensitive to the owner and group settings on the /var

To *just* get it working, try this:

      chown -R SYSTEM:None /var

Better security can be had with this depending on the group membership of
SYSTEM user:

      chown -R SYSTEM:Administrators /var

Or - if you've created a custom user, like "root":

      chown -R root:Administrators /var

Make sure that the *user* init is configured to use has write permissions:

      chmod -R 755 /var

If you want the group to have write permissions as well:

      chmod -R 775 /var

Also, consult the archives for previous discussions (like this one)


Brian Kelly

(Oh - and yes - the error messages *SUCK* - obviously created for the
developers use and *not* end-users. A big PET PEEVE of mine - the
developer's ultimate revenge against the dreaded demanding and *ungrateful*
user. Actually, it's a sin of "omission" - but a sin nevertheless. Of
course they'll all cry overworked, underpaid (or not paid as the case
certainly is here - unless you work for Red Hat), "don't like it - do it
yourself", *&%$ YOU!:

etc etc. But alas - it is what it is ... I've always found the notion that
"complaints" == "ungrateful" and that I or anyone else should "thankfully"
accept whatever is created - even if takes 10 wasted hours from our lives
that could have been prevented with ten or fifteen minutes worth of effort
by the developer - *without complaint* to be a bunch of HOOEY! Add up your
ten hours, my ten hours, and the ten hours of all those before and after
and this *sin of omission* becomes quite glaring)

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