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Re: ssh does not find the config file?

>Bursian Achim wrote:
>> >> Using 'ssh utah' does not work, I get prompted for the password 
>> >> BA3759@utah. But strange enough, 'ssh -F $HOME/.ssh/config utah' 
>> >> work. $HOME/.ssh/config should be the default for the config file, 
>> >> obviousely it isn't???
>> >
>> >You shouldn't have to specify IdentityFile in the config, since
>> >$HOME/.ssh/id_rsa is the default (and the path /home/.ssh you have 
>> >probably doesn't exist, unless your home directory is really 
>> Actually, it is /home, I mounted it that way because I'm the only 
user on the system.
>Hmm, that does sound odd.  I would suggest running either 'ssh -vvv' 
>whatever it is that enables the max debug spew) or even 'strace ssh' 
>see what all files it's trying to look for.  Is your home directory
>correct in /etc/passwd?

Thanks, Brian, that was the right hint:
In /etc/passwd the homedirectory was /cygdrive/h. I guess this is what 
cygwin setup does automatically, because H:\ is what my "homedir" on the 
NT domain is.

Almost all other apps honor my setting in $HOME, but ssh seems to look 
into /etc/passwd only, not to $HOME. Although it claims to do so in the 

     -F configfile
          Specifies an alternative per-user  configuration  file.
          If  a  configuration file is given on the command line,
          the        system-wide        configuration        file
          (/etc/ssh_config) will be ignored.  The default
          for    the    per-user    configuration     file     is

Fixing my entry in passwd and everything goes as expected.

Thanks for the help!

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