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Re: ssh does not find the config file?

Bursian Achim wrote:
> Hi,
> I encounter strange things with ssh. I have a configfile under
> $HOME/.ssh:
> -rw-------    1 BA3759       1.1k Aug 20 17:34 config
> -rw-------    1 BA3759        887 Aug 20 17:00 id_rsa
> It contains lines like this:
> host utah
>    User abu
>    IdentityFile   /home/.ssh/id_rsa
> Using 'ssh utah' does not work, I get prompted for the password for
> BA3759@utah. But strange enough, 'ssh -F $HOME/.ssh/config utah' does
> work. $HOME/.ssh/config should be the default for the config file, but
> obviousely it isn't???

You shouldn't have to specify IdentityFile in the config, since
$HOME/.ssh/id_rsa is the default (and the path /home/.ssh you have above
probably doesn't exist, unless your home directory is really /home/.)

Also, why don't you have a file?  When you created the public
key you should have created a pair of keys, the public (which
you added to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the remote host, yes?) and the
private id_rsa.


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