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Java plugin library compiles ok? on cygwin-XP but WILL NOT RUN

Hi. Ive got a problem that may well not be cygwin related but I have a
feeling that it might be so Im going to ask here before I mail a windows or
java forum (besides, Ill never get a response from there - its just too

I have been developing a Java profiling utility (using the JVM Profiling
Interface) for sometime on cygwin-win98. I have recently switched to an XP
Home machine. It has the same cygwin and java versions as on the win98 one.
I am now suffering a very elusive problem.

I build my project on XP (exactly as I did on w98) without error. I then run
the program (incidentally the program is a dll that is loaded into a JVM
using the -XrunTheLibrary option to Java) however Java silently
crashes/aborts. The profiler does not produce any output and the Java
program being profiled does not even run. No error logs are generated
anywhere. I know Java is successfully locating my dlls entry point (if it
does not it generates an error) however it will not execute a single line of
that function.

I have replicated the problem with a minimal test project so its not my

The library compiled on XP, can, however, be copied directly to w98 and runs
successfully. The library compiled on w98 and running successfully there,
behaves as above when copied to XP.

I know this sounds as though it has little to do with cygwin but I cant help
feeling cygwin is just not getting on with XP as well as it does on w98. I
have compiled the minimal test project I mentioned above using the Dev-C++
IDE which uses MinGW or some variant there of, and indeed it works fine on
XP. I have been trying to compile it in Cygwin with the -mno-cygwin flag but
have had zero success (Ive downloaded MinGW libs and headers since its a c++
program but I cant get around those undefined references). This is really
what casts my suspicion on cygwin as the source of the problem (or to be
fair, the cygwin-XP pair).

In summary;
 - cygwin-XP compilation seems ok (dll can be copied to and run on win98)
 - Java and XP seem okay (MinGW compiled profiling dlls work)
 - running cygwin compiled dlls on XP does not work ???

I am using a slightly dated version, cygwin-1.3.15-2.tar.bz2. I will update
soon but until then, does anyone have any idea what Im talking about?! I
have spent days trying and retrying to get it to work but to no avail. Its
obscure I know, but please throw me a bone.

Kind regards,


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