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Re: cron and network drives

Jörg Schaible wrote:

Hi Andrew,

-----Original Message-----
From: Andrew DeFaria []
Sent: Friday, August 15, 2003 11:17 PM
Subject: cron and network drives


Unavailable T: \\sons-cc\Tools Microsoft


OK T: \\sons-clearcase\Tools Microsoft


Note the OK for the T drive. I need to have access to the T drive. Why can I access it through cron on one system and not the other?

What is different is the host itself. You've told in a following mail, that each host is connected with the Windows share "Tools" on its own drives. So check the ACLs of the directory on both hosts. My wag would be that their different for the user account Running crontab.

For sons-clearcase Tools is a folder under it's local E drive and has Full Control set for Everybody (that's it - perhaps not that secure but that's what it is).

For sons-cc Tools is a folder under it's local C drive and has Read & Execute, List Folder Contents and Read set for Everybody (and that's it).

As for Share Permissions both machines are set to Full Control for Everybody.

I can try opening up permissions to Full Control for Everybody on sons-cc but I don't think it will do anything and I don't particularly like being that open (on either machine).

Another interesting thing is that on sons-clearcase the Owner is ccadmin (the user in question) whereas on sons-cc the Owner is Administrators.

I've changed sons-cc C:\Tools to match sons-clearcase's settings. We'll see what happens. Now to devise a way to test this again...

Another hint: You mensioned that there is only one user. This is only true if the user on both hosts is in the same domain. If each User is local on that host (although same name) they are *always* different.

The user is indeed the same and in the same domain. The domain spans the two sites.

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