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RE: How to automate the installation of Cygwin?

I don't want to do a manual installation.
I'd like to launch the setup and i want it to install
Cygwin without having to clic on "Next", "Next",...
or to clic on "install from local directory", ...

Many setup's on Windows allow this.

For example, the setup for MSN messenger ...
Type "setupdl.exe /?" and a window appear with
install-options, like "silent mode" ... !

 --- Bill McCormick <> a écrit?:
> > I'd like to know if there are options in the setup
> of
> > Cygwin in order to automate the installation of
> it.
> > I typed "setup.exe /?" in the dos shell but
> nothing
> > ...
> > Do you know how to automate this installation ?
> > 
> You didn't search the list archive did you?
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