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RE: Security Issues found by Microsoft's Application Verifier

Death to sales guys

> Microsoft's Application Verifier (free) software identified this issue 
> in just about every Cygwin executable:
> The application assigned an object (file, registry key, etc.) an 
> excessively permissive security descriptor.  Depending on the 
> permissions granted (detailed in the log entry), an unauthorized user 
> could perform illegitimate actions on the object (for example, delete 
> it).  This could disrupt application operation in different ways, 
> depending on the permissions granted and what they mean for the object 
> in question.
> called from cygpath.exe, make.exe, and just about every other binary 
> executable
> (cygwin1.dll:00056726) Object created/set by CreateFileMapping: 
> cygpid.7BC has a NULL DACL - grants full access to all users
> Please send replies directly to me also as I am not a list subscriber.

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