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RE: mod_auth_mysql

I launched missiles before I was really ready here.

After looking at the 1.11 source, I really don't find any obvious changes
for cygwin.

Actually, I'm not even exactly sure how Apache mod's work.

	LoadModule mysql_auth_module  lib/apache/mod_auth_mysql.dll

This dll is built from the source? i.e. when I configure;make;make install
I'll get a dll? (assuming I use the correct configure options - which would
be ... what)?

	AddModule mod_auth_mysql.c

I wouldn't imagine that I can just copy the new .c file to the right place
and be happy. Or can that be all I need to do?


> I would like to build, CYGwin style, the latest mod_auth_mysql (ver 2.20)
> for Apache. The Apache directives have been updated in this version along
> with a number of encryption bug fixes. I've got the source from MySQL but
> there doesn't seem to be any info for CYGwin build. The CYGwin
> setup source
> download only provides a .c file. Can I simply implement the same changes
> from that to the new source? How about any special configure
> options? Could
> someone point me in the right direction with this?

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