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Re: openssl-0.9.7-1

Mai, Vinh wrote:
> Hi There,
> I've read your document regarding this version of openssl.  I noticed that
> this version now supports Windows CE platform.  I developed an application
> using Embedded Visual C++ (Windows CE 3.0).  I am looking for an open source
> to use in my program regarding cryptography.  I have a couple of questions
> regarding the use of this openssl.

What document? A *Cygwin* release announcement? Either way, Cygwin doesn't
support Windows CE, and thus OpenSSL w/ Cygwin won't work for you.

> 1. Can I use this version of openssl and implement it into my application?
> 2. if so, then how do I go about using it? I've downloaded the entire
> openssl, and have no earthly idea where to start. The readme text files do
> not provide me any great help.
> 3. if I can't implement this into my application, do you know of any other
> open source cryptography that I can use?
> Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciative.

Please take your questions to the OpenSSL (<>) people, their
off-topic here.

-- Elfyn

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