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Re: Various shell problems

On Mon, Aug 18, 2003 at 07:37:35PM +0100, Dr.D.J.Picton wrote:
>By 'normal' input I meant the 'dumb' input to programs which
>issue simple terminal reads, e.g. cat or ftp (as opposed to shells which
>do complex line editing.)  I'll refer to this type of input as  
>'simple' input.  For example, if I create a file using the cat command:
>cat > test
>the line editing facilities are very limited.  I find I can't reposition the
>cursor using the arrow keys.  This moves the cursor, but the cursor key
>escape sequences are stored in the file!

i.e., "Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows"

>Another thing I've noticed is that stty echoctl is set in an xterm session, but
>it doesn't actually seem to do anything.  I would expect control characters
>to be echoed in 'caret' notation in simple input (e.g. ^a for control-A), and
>on other systems I find this very useful because it lets me know when I'm
>entering control characters.  Is this a known limitation of the terminal
>emulation under Cygwin?



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