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RE: flockcyg

In uw-imap/c-client, the functionality of flock is emulated.  Take a look in
the osdep/unix directory of the uw-imap sources.  As for the linker errors,
there are a couple of different things to check.  How are you linking
libc-client?  If you are using -L and -l, try instead to explicitly put
/lib/libc-client.a in the linker line alongside all of your .o files.

One other thing you may be able to try if you just want the flock emulator
is to snag the flockcyg.h and flockcyg.c from the sources (check the
licensing stuff first) and see if you can add them to your build environment
without sucking in all of the c-client stuff.  Again, check the licensing
stuff first :)


-----Original Message-----
> Cygwin doesn't have flock() or lockf() .
> -- Elfyn

Right, but there is a work-around, yes? Isn't that what uw-imap is doing in
this case with flockcyg.h? If so, I'm curious if I might be able to use the
same work-around.

I found these related posts in the archive ...

... among others that make me believe that there is a way.

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