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Re: Newbie: Where's ed, vi, more (or less), man?

Andy Civil wrote:

Hi, a newbie here, my objective was to install Cygwin for a friend so that she could use vi.

I've installed cygwin successfully, but various fundamental programs are missing, notably vi (or even ed) more (or less) and man (despite the fact that there are 801 files in /usr/man).

I've searched the packages in the setup program, but vi isn't listed separately, and I installed everything anyway.

I've tried to search but the package search brings up anything with "vi" in it, like "view" or "divide" or "david" :-) and the gmane newsgroup search says "ignoring common word: vi".

It would help me if I could know basic information like, should I expect to find vi with cygwin? I thought the main advantage of vi over other editors was that it was found on absolutely EVERY unix system there was. Should I be looking somewhere else for a package? And if so, how do I find which package vi is in, when the word "vi" is impossible to search for.

Yeah, I guess this one is a little tricky given that the package is vim
and vi is a symlink.  Typically, you can limit the search by requesting
the executable name with ".exe" appended but vi is a symlink here which
doesn't have that extension.  The other trick that is usually your best
bet is to append "usr/bin/" to the utility you're looking for like so:


I think you should be able to figure it out the proper package from
this. ;-)

I'm also concerned that I did something wrong, since even "less" doesn't work. This is most odd, since there are scripts like "zless" which clearly expect "less" to be a valid command.

Following the above:


As requested in the posting guidelines, here is my output from cygcheck:

We prefer if this information is _attached_ rather than inlined.
Attaching keeps this information from showing up as false positives
when searching for stuff in the email archives.

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