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RE: Shell Details?

> From: Rory Filer
> Hi Cygwin

Hi Rory

> I've just installed Cygwin on my machine today

Welcome to the wonderful world :)

> after downloading it from your site today and
> the shell is asking me to write to you.

You mean:
"Sorry, this shell has no default setup.
 Please contact with the shell details
 and what you would like set as reasonable defaults.


> Not sure
> why, though. It's telling me there is no default
> setting for the shell and that I should write to
> you and tell you what I would like for defaults. 

Basically, your /etc/profile has some default settings
for the following shells; bash, ksh*, and sh.

You appear to be running one it doesn't have any defaults
for.  It's just informing you.  No harm.  If you don't
want the message, just edit your /etc/profile

> Not sure what it's asking. Why can't I just
> create a .cshrc file or .login with my own defaults?

Of course you can.  It never said you couldn't did it? :)

All it's asking is that, if you have any settings
for the shell you are using (what is it btw?) you'd
like to share, please tell us.


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