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Re: Mail Server?

Bill McCormick wrote:

> Or, some mail forwarding program would also get me to where I'd be happy.
> What I want to do is forward mail to to
> I'm a newbie in this area and could use a kick start in terms of what to set
> up here:
>         exim?
>         fetchmail?
>         procmail?
>         ssmpt?
> Will one one of these get me to were I want to be? Do I need some concert of
> them?

I'm assuming you meant that you want to POP mail from and
deliver it to

Install the fetchmail package and read "man fetchmail".  I think you can
do this "guerilla forwarding" with just fetchmail and nothing else, but
I've not set it up.  It looks like the following configuration
directives would do what you want:

poll proto pop3 user "me" password "secret"

This will effectively pop mail (from and turn around and
re-send it out via with the TO rewritten as
"".  If you want to do this delivery yourself,
install exim and then set smtphost to localhost (which is its default I

You'll need more options if you want to retrieve securely over ssl
(remember that POP3 sends your password in cleartext) and if your ISP's
outgoing mail server requires authentication.  Use 'esmtpname' and
`esmtppassword' for the latter.

(disclaimer: Haven't tested any of this.)


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