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Re: using setup.exe without the mouse?

Hallo Max,

Am Samstag, 16. August 2003 um 11:12 schriebst du:

> There is *no* (practical, sane) way to install Cygwin without setup.exe.

Ok. I assume that a base Cygwin Installation can be produced with
setup.exe in its current state, even if you cannot use the chooser
since the base is preselected by default, so if you get it up and
running and have managed to choose a mirror you just need to click
through and wait to get a working base Cygwin installation.

Then you should be able to fetch packages from a mirror via wget or
ftp, all infos needed is the mirror list and a recent setup.ini where
you can pickup the relevant paths and filenames alongside with the
dependencies.  Usually it is sufficient to extract the packages from
root and run/rename files in /etc/postinstall iff there are files.

Hmmm, e.g. ftp (inetutils), wget, openssl, lynx, all those tools are
not included in the base config. An option to make it easier for those
users and to have an intermediate solution:  Create some more default
configurations besides 'base', maybe 'All with X', 'All without X',
'Cygwin Devel', 'Cygwin & Net/Web' and possibly some others so those
users can trigger a configuration where some important net-/webtools
are already included.


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