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Re: cron and network drives

Larry Hall wrote:

Hard to say exactly with the information given. My WAG is that the user from whom you're running the cron job for is logged in and authenticated by Windows on the second machine when cron runs but not on the first machine.

Only one user is in use on both machines. In fact I accessed both machines using remote desktop logged in as that user. The crontab is that same user, etc.

This is assuming the share is not public, which would mean you have a completely different (network) problem on the first machine.

Could you please describe exactly what is a "public" share, what is not a public share (I assume that would be a private share) and how does one tell the difference? Also, assuming that in the case that works it works because it's a public share and in the case that doesn't work it fails because it's a private share then how do I go about changing the private share to a public share?


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