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Re: Beeing cranky; Cygwin-XFree86

Hannu E K Nevalainen (garbage mail) <> wrote:
> A lot of personal opinions below, take heed.
> IMO all this applies to ALL of cygwin, (plus any other software package you
> can bring up)...
>  therefore it is sent to the cygwin@... ML.
> I'm *VERY* pedantic about:
>  - how the Start menu looks (i.e. is structured)
>  - uninstalling, but not entirely (i.e. leaving something behind)
>  I do wish to have ALL packages of cygwin installed, though _under MY
> personal control_.
> The current Cygwin-XFree86 install does things "behind my back" IMO.
> 1. I do _not_ want the "Cygwin-XFree86" item appear right under
> "Start->Programs" - I wish to have the choice of either leaving it out all
> together... or putting stuff like this where _I_ want it to be (i.e. it
> WON'T be where it ends up now, by default).
> 1b. None of the Cygwin-XFree86\* menu things work!
>   YES: I'm cranky here too!
>   Menu items *SHOULD NOT* REQUIRE any other steps than choosing
>   that single menu-item. I here assume that one has to
> 2. Unistalling Cygwin-XFree86, leaves at least
>     Start->Programs->Cygwin-XFree86-> [Empty]
>   Please, remove ALL of what you create.
>  The way to go IMO is:
> Create "Start->Programs->cygwin-> [ put ALL cygwin related stuff HERE ]" (*)
> Unless this happens, installing a few software-packages leads to an
> "impossible" (or maybe a better word; unbearable) situation; The Start-menu
> grows beyond all limits - thus making it hard to choose what to run/use.
>  And believe me; I have loads of things installed. That's why I'm pedantic -
> and cranky. [Strategy; ALL software appears in the Start-menu, the most used
> is also in "Quick launch"]
> Again: There's no smileys here because I'm _VERY_ cranky about this...
> (NOTE: so; no implied rudeness)

I'm not going to delve into these topics now, but I would just add this: If you
want anything here (and by here I mean cygwin.*) fixed/changed/improved *you* need
to scratch *your* itch. It's free software, after all.

In this case, I mean communicate with the right people [read: speak to cygwin-xfree].

> *)
> Might this be a "good" addition to setup.exe?

Could be. I was thinking about something similar, where a package can have an .ini
file (following the convention here; perhaps .menu) somewhere (similar to the
postinstall/preremove magic) where the package could install/remove a menu item or
items, which IMO would be quite useful for X apps. Could, also, of course be expanded
upon. And, might save you some hair. :-)

My main motivaton being able to bung' a cygserver shortcut somewhere (but also give
other packages the ease of doing it, too). Nothing coded (<g>) just throwing an idea
into the air.

> Another option for setup.exe: Allow to download, but NOT install - for
> *selected* packages?

"Download from Internet" ?

-- Elfyn

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