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Re: Beeing cranky; Cygwin-XFree86

Hannu E K Nevalainen (garbage mail) wrote:

A lot of personal opinions below, take heed.

IMO all this applies to ALL of cygwin, (plus any other software package you
can bring up)...
therefore it is sent to the cygwin@... ML.

I'm *VERY* pedantic about: - how the Start menu looks (i.e. is structured) - uninstalling, but not entirely (i.e. leaving something behind)

I do wish to have ALL packages of cygwin installed, though _under MY
personal control_.
The current Cygwin-XFree86 install does things "behind my back" IMO.

1. I do _not_ want the "Cygwin-XFree86" item appear right under "Start->Programs" - I wish to have the choice of either leaving it out all together... or putting stuff like this where _I_ want it to be (i.e. it WON'T be where it ends up now, by default).

1b. None of the Cygwin-XFree86\* menu things work!
YES: I'm cranky here too!
Menu items *SHOULD NOT* REQUIRE any other steps than choosing
that single menu-item. I here assume that one has to

2. Unistalling Cygwin-XFree86, leaves at least
Start->Programs->Cygwin-XFree86-> [Empty]
Please, remove ALL of what you create.

The way to go IMO is:
Create "Start->Programs->cygwin-> [ put ALL cygwin related stuff HERE ]" (*)

Unless this happens, installing a few software-packages leads to an
"impossible" (or maybe a better word; unbearable) situation; The Start-menu
grows beyond all limits - thus making it hard to choose what to run/use.
And believe me; I have loads of things installed. That's why I'm pedantic -
and cranky. [Strategy; ALL software appears in the Start-menu, the most used
is also in "Quick launch"]

Again: There's no smileys here because I'm _VERY_ cranky about this...
(NOTE: so; no implied rudeness)

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, B.Sc. EE Microcomputer systems - 59°14'N, 17°12'E

*) Might this be a "good" addition to setup.exe?

Another option for setup.exe: Allow to download, but NOT install - for
*selected* packages?

You know you can rearrange your Start menu to your liking. I keep mine very minimalistic.


Really? :-)

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