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Re: Setup.exe fails to access mirrors


I can access the site list of mirrors fine on Mozilla.

Here's the contents of the log file:

2003/08/14 16:25:46 Starting cygwin install, version 2.340.2.5
2003/08/14 16:25:46 Current Directory: C:\Documents and Settings\Nat\Desktop
2003/08/14 16:25:46 Changing gid to Users
2003/08/14 16:25:46 Could not open service McShield for query, start and stop. McAfee may not be installed, or we don't have access.
2003/08/14 16:25:47 source: network install
2003/08/14 16:26:00 root: C:\cygwin text system
2003/08/14 16:26:08 Selected local directory: C:\cygwin\download
2003/08/14 16:26:10 net: Direct
2003/08/14 16:26:17 net: IE5
2003/08/14 16:26:19 Ending cygwin install

I'm not sure what the line about McAfee is all about. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help on this


Larry Hall wrote:

OK, try this <>.
This is the archive for the list of mirrors setup uses.  If you
can't get here, that's your problem.  '/var/log/setup.log*' may
provide some insights as to why this is true if this turns out
to be the issue and you can't figure out why.


Nathaniel Street wrote:


I have no problems accessing the website. I just tried to install the program again after a break of a few hours but still no joy.

Larry Hall wrote:

Nathaniel Street wrote:


When I run the setup.exe program, it fails when trying to access the list of mirrors. Does anyone know why this is? I select direct connect, which is how I connect to the internet. My connection functions fine for everything else. I've also tried IE5 but that doesn't work either.

Works fine from here now.  Do you have trouble accessing the cygwin

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