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Re: Migrating mail from Win95 to WinXP

On Thu, Aug 14, 2003 at 09:15:00AM -0400, Charles Krug wrote:
> List:
> I'm having trouble migrating my mailboxes from mutt 1.2.5i to mutt 1.4
> under XP.
> What I did was install Cygwin's fetchmail, procmail, mutt and ssmtp on
> the XPPro machine, then simply copied over the mailboxes.
> That left me with a bunch of read only mailboxes, and procmail just
> dumping everything into my default mailbox.
> Obviously, I've missed a step.  What Magic am I missing?  XP machine is
> using NTFS.

What are the permissions of the mailboxes under XP ? 
Hint: ls -l <mailboxes>
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