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I asked this off list, but I really should be asking it on list. Posted here for the archives and if anyone cares to comment.

Nicholas wrote:

On Wed, Aug 13, 2003 at 07:44:43PM -0400, Nicholas Wourms wrote:


I can't really find any history on inttypes.h, but I noticed that you were the one who committed it to cvs. I would like to know how you derived the values for the macros. One of the widechar functions I've been working on uses the handy function, strtoimax... so subsequently I did a port for it and the other inttypes it as well. During this process, I noticed that there seems to be a disconnect between how you've defined some of the 32bit macros and how i386 glibc/mingw/bsd have defined them. For example, looking at int32_t(PRId32):

The bsd's:       "d"
Glibc:           "d"
MingW:           "d"
Cygwin:          "ld"

Am I missing something here? I searched the archives, w/o any luck. But before I submit an rfc to the main list (not to have it go in, just to get people to test), I need to know if the macros are accurate. Being that these functions are heavily asm dependant, I assume that winsup/cygwin is the most appropriate place to dump 'em?

I don't understand the problem.  "ld" is as correct as "d" for 32 bit
int types.  I didn't use any foreign source to create the macros but
only the description in SUSv3:

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