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FW: Problem with OpenSSH build 3.6.1p1-2 on Win2k- Cygwin ver 1.3.22-1

> Hi All,
> I was previously running version 3.5p1-2 with cygwin 1.3.18-1 with no issues. Upgrading to the level mentioned above broke several CMD scripts that run "mixed" mode, by this I mean they run a combination of WINNT and CYGWIN binaries(example below). I call the script via plink like so: plink myname@myhost -i mykey.ppk -2 cmd /c c:\scripts
> myscript.bat. It seems the switch in shells renders me incapable of calling cygwin binaries in an ssh session. A local bash session on the target machine executes the script correctly. Replacing the new sshd binary with the previous version also corrects the problem. Any ideas?
> ******************************EXAMPLE SCRIPT*****************************************
> @echo off
> cd \temp\logs
> for /f %%I in ('\cygwin\bin\date ^+%%m%%d%%y') do set ZIP_NAME=%%I
> for /f %%I in ('\cygwin\bin\date ^+%%y%%m%%d') do set W3_NAME=%%I
> for /f %%I in ('\cygwin\bin\date ^+%%b') do set MTH=%%I
> for /f %%I in ('\cygwin\bin\date ^+%%m') do set NM_MTH=%%I
> for /f %%I in ('\cygwin\bin\date ^+%%d') do set DAY=%%I
> for /f %%I in ('\cygwin\bin\date ^+%%Y') do set YR=%%I
> dir /b >..\dir.txt
> for /f  %%x IN (..\dir.txt) DO (
> rmdir /q /s %%x
> )
> @echo %ZIP_NAME%
> @echo %MTH%
> @echo %DAY%
> @echo %YR%
> @echo %NM_MTH%

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