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Re: My setuplog.full

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Gary L. Feldman wrote:

> My setup.log.full is attached.  I'm sending it to you directly because
> it doesn't seem to make sense to send a binary to the entire list.  My
> apologies if this is wrong.
> Gary

It is.  The general tradition is to not send private mail unless
specifically requested, for many reasons (some outlined below).  First
off, I wanted other people on the list to see your attachment
(specifically the setup developers, but there's probably more expertise
out there as well).  Secondly, discussions of this sort are usually kept
on the list, both for the above reason, and for the archiving.  Thirdly,
it's a 700-*byte* attachment -- I doubt it'd add much to the list traffic.
And fourthly, the mechanism I use to read the list is threaded, so that I
could have easily found the exact message you were replying to.

Furthermore, IIRC, I requested the setup.log.full from the setup run that
reproduced your problem.  This isn't it (in the attached run you've
apparently canceled setup after getting the list of packages).  Remember,
this file is overwritten *every* time you run setup.  So, please, first
reproduce your problem (as you described in
<>), then finish running
setup, and then send the resulting /var/log/setup.log.full (bzipped, of
course) to the list as an attachment.
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Attachment: setup.log.full.bz2
Description: Binary data

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