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Re: Required dlls (missing setup feature and doc)

On Tue, 12 Aug 2003, Gary L. Feldman wrote:

> I decided I wanted to get bash to use with my existing Python install, so I
> used the cygwin setup to download just bash (my first use of cygwin).
> Not surpringly, it doesn't work, because cygwin1.dll isn't there.
> I realize setup is under development, so this is an obvious feature
> request that is probably on the list (though I didn't see any obvious
> place where feature requests for setup were kept).  But in the
> meantime, may I suggest that there really ought to be a section
> in the setup docs (
> on required dlls and perhaps other components.  I don't know how
> easy it is to trace all the dependencies, so perhaps just adding a couple
> of lines to the Choosing Packages section saying "You should install
> all of Base, otherwise many other packages will simply fail.  In particular,
> the cygwin1.dll is required by all Cygwin packages.
> Many thanks,
> Gary


The version of setup on the Cygwin web page already traces the dependences
and selects all the needed packages for installation.  It does not,
however, prevent you from later unselecting the packages (which is
presumably what you did).

I suggest the following procedure for installing just a particular
packages and all of its dependences:

- Run setup
- Select the "Keep" radio button (this will leave all current packages as-is)
- Switch to the Full view (by clicking on the "View" button)
- Select the package you want to install (click once on the version)

Setup should then automatically select all the dependences of the selected
P.S. If cygcheck could access the dependence information in setup.ini,
this would be a good addition to its functionality.
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