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Re: Managed mode problem

On Tue, 12 Aug 2003, Ronald Landheer-Cieslak wrote:

> Hello all,
> I was trying to build nn under Cygwin, and found it contains a file called
>, a file called aux.c and a file called aux.h; none of which Windows
> would like, of course.
> Having Cygwin 1.5.2 installed, I thought I'd try out that spiffy new managed
> mode, as running `tar xzvf nn-6.6.5.tar.Z' failed miserably (hung until I
> killed Bash, tar and gz) so I put my tarball in /foo, which is mounted in
> managed mode (see cygcheck.out for details on my system).
> That didn't change the behaviour of tar/gzip much, though, as the process
> still seems to hang while untarring the tarball on the managed mount.
> Below are the cygcheck output, the tarball itself and the last stackdump from
> gzip. If you need anything else, I'll be happy to provide.
> rlc


Upon re-reading your message, I realized something: to make use of managed
mode, you have to extract *to* a directory mounted in managed mode.
IIUC, the directory where the tar file itself resides is irrelevant.
Make sure the command you give to untar the file doesn't contain the "-C"
flag (which will actually change the output directory).
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