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Re: compile gtk2 applications on cygwin?

Hallo Franz,

Am Dienstag, 12. August 2003 um 07:01 schriebst du:

>>There are some gnome2 patches available, there is xlocale used where
>>it is needed, see here for a starting point:

> I don't think that I need gnome at all because I built the program 
> in glade as a gtk-project not a gnome-project. But I admit that I 
> never testet on a completely gnomefree linux box.

The patches there include gtk+ and glib and related base packages.

> So far I tried with your gtk build (at least I found some message of 
> you stating that this is from you) from 
> Mainly because I need the newest gtk version because the olders have 
> a bug in the treeview-widget. I suppose you have succesfully compiled 
> and run applications on it. Do you have any 'hello world'-like 
> test-projects around? Maybe it's just my installation that is broken.

I have DIA running, but there were some problems with the xml module
searching for the extern DLL with wrong name.

I also have a running bluefish editor:

> If possible I'd like to stay out of compiling the whole gtk stuff.


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