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RE: ld -r errors with C++ objects

> From: Brian R. Gaeke []
> > > When I link two particular .o files together into a new 
> relocatable
> > > (using ld -r) I get errors from ld, instead of a new .o file. This
> > > happens in many of our C++ projects, but only on Cygwin. I have
> > > reduced the test cases significantly.
> > 
> > ld doesn't speak C++. Use g++ to link C++ modules.
> Thanks for the advice.  I tried using g++ for the link step. 
> Ordinarily
> that results in ld complaining that it can't find WinMain, which makes
> sense because I am trying to link two .o files which do not constitute
> an entire program.
> I tried passing the -r option to ld using g++'s -Wl,-r option, so that
> it would not expect to see WinMain; that resulted in an error 
> very similar
> to the one that I got before when I simply used ld -r.

Are you using -Ur? If not, RTFM. If you are, I'm out of suggestions.

Ross Smith ...................... Pharos Systems, Auckland, New Zealand

           "Remember when we told you there was no future?
                   Well, this is it." -- Blank Reg

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