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Re: michael's openssh for windows

I haven't seemed to get very far with this,
I was hoping someone might be able to point a blind man in the right direction :)

Waterbrook, Johnny wrote:

I'd prefer not to start a new thread, but I've been searching for the
past few hours with no luck.

I needed a fast way to set up sftp on a winXP box, so I did a little
google search and found had a clean and
easy way of doing this.
I changed the regestry setting "/home" to a different drive, and the
passwd file's entry form :/home/USERNAME: to :/home: so when my "auts
ex-uncle" wants to login to my sftp server, they can't browse my windows
directory structure.

However, when my "aunts ex-uncle" realizes he can also ssh into the box,
I don't want him running "windows" commands such as cmd, nbtstat, dir
etc.  I just want to "limit" him to what is available in /bin I guess.

Am I going about this wrong?  Is there a cygwin/openssh implemenation
that "stands alone" from windows so I could set up a sftp server much
like a normal ftp server?

Thanks in advance,

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