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Windows Server 2003: problem with configure

I?m running Windows server 2003 (hereafter WS03) and trying to install an atomic structure package (FAC; available for download from ftp

From the bash shell, I go to the local directory:
0) cd c:/fac-1_0_2

The developer?s instructions for installation from the cygwin bash shell are:
1) ./configure
2) make; make install

I have had no trouble with these steps when installing FAC on a machine running Windows XP. In XP, the configure command creates three files: Makefile, config.log, and sysdef.h

However, in WS03 the conigure command returns:
configure: error: cannot find sources () in . or ..

I?ve looked at the code in the configure file (Generated by GNU Autoconf 2.53.)
and am not able to follow it well enough to modify it. The command autoconf returns:
autoconf: No such file or directory

(Although c:/fac-1_0_2 does contain a file called

In a final attempt to install the FAC program, I copied the three files made on the XP machine to the WS03 directory, then tried step (2) above (make; make install). That returned:

cd blas; make
/c: Can?t open /c: No such file or directory
make: *** [lib] Error 2
cd sfac; make install
/c: Can?t open /c: No such file or directory
make: *** [install] Error 2

(blas and sfac are directories in c:/fac-1_0_2)

Finally, since you are looking into reported troubles with WS03, you might like to know that an earlier version of the FAC program ran just fine on it. The earlier version was not installed directly on WS03; attempted installation returned the errors describe above. The local guru was able to copy the compiled program from the XP machine to the WS03. However, he didn?t tell me how he did it. Now he?s gone and the XP machine is kaput, so I?d be very grateful for any help.


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