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Re: proftpd issues - Got it WORKING

Hi Jason, thanks for the response.

OK - here's the scoop.

***   I GOT IT WORKING with domain authentication  ***

After doing an strace, I found that proftpd could not validate a home
directory via UNC conventions.
In the domain enviroment I'm working on, the domain account I'm using for
testing has it's *home* directory
on a network shared resource - and    mkpasswd -d -u loginname   created an
entry with the home
directory set to    //servername/users/loginname.   proftpd  could *not*
validate this and therefore
exited without attempting any further authentication. Once I changed the
home directory setting in
passwd to    /home/loginname    the  domain login succeeded.

On a further note, I was able to get the SYSTEM id working for proftpd.
Turns out proftpd is HYPER
sensitve to the permissions-owner-group settings for the /var directory
tree. I resolved this by doing

chown  -R  SYSTEM:Administrators  /var

That essentially fixed it.

Futhermore, it was *not* necessary to have to provide any further user
rights to the SYSTEM id.

It is working in "inetd" mode.

Brian Kelly

"Jason Tishler" <> on 08/11/2003 07:10:45 AM

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Subject:    Re: proftpd issues


On Sat, Aug 09, 2003 at 09:12:57AM -0400, Brian Kelly wrote:
> I'm sorry Igor, I'm not giving you enough info. proftpd is being
> called from xinetd which itself is being launched via init. *telnet*
> works fine and authenticates BOTH local and domain ID's. So that
> *should* - correct me if I'm wrong - eliminate the passwd and group
> file entries as culprits.  Especially since I'm using the very same
> domain ID for my testing.

Does /var/log/ProFTPD.log indicated anything interesting when
authentication fails.  Can you strace the problem?  What happens when
you run proftpd in stand-alone mode -- not under xinetd?

> Furthermore, if I change the ftp daemon to the one supplied with
> inetutils, Domain authentication works again.

FWIW, the authentication code in proftpd was copied from inetutils's


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