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RE: Problem with cron!

...> From: Igor Pechtchanski <pechtcha at cs dot nyu dot edu> 
...> Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 14:17:50 -0400 (EDT) 
...> Subject: RE: Problem with cron! 
...> On Sun, 10 Aug 2003 wrote:
...> > Salutations!
...> > I get the identical symptoms on WIN98SE.
...> > [snip]
...> > [It must be mentioned that I do not have cron
...> > installed as a service, but start it by hand
...> > in a bash after each reboot. I have not been
...> > able to get any of the procedures I have found
...> > to install cron as a service to do the job.]
...> Services only work on NT-based versions of Windows, e.g., WinNT,
Win2k, or
...> WinXP.  There is no concept of services on Win9x.  
   I figured as much, but it has not been significant
   enough for me to research. It suffices me to start 
   cron from a bash which runs while the machine is up.

...> > Last week I downloaded and updated my installed
...> > configuration with the latest. From this point
...> > in time, cron has refused to work - by this I
...> > mean that all crontab functions appear to function
...> > as usual, the cron task appears in ps and Mark
...> > Harig's script does not indicate
...> > any errors. However my tasks are still not run.
...> What manner of tests did you use to find out whether cron works?
Did you
...> try the cron equivalent of "hello world" (i.e., "/usr/bin/date >>
...> /tmp/date.log")?
   That's the one. 

...> > I have been able to circumvent my difficulty
...> > by overwriting cron.exe from cron-3.0.1-10.tar.bz2
...> > with cron.exe from cron-3.0.1-8.tar.bz2, so I'm
...> > satisfied for the moment, but thought someone
...> > might want to know about the difference.
...> There are only 2 minor Cygwin-specific releases between those two,
...> basically means that you can download the source tarballs and do a
...> diff.  If you're willing to do some more investigative work and try
...> find the culprit, this would help the maintainer of cron immensely.
   Am willing but off on holiday today. I'll have
   a look when I get back.

Thanks for the response. If there is a more appropriate 
forum for further discussion on investigative details, 
feel free to point me in that direction.


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