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RE: Problem with cron!

On Sun, 10 Aug 2003 wrote:

> Salutations!
> I get the identical symptoms on WIN98SE.
> [snip]
> [It must be mentioned that I do not have cron
> installed as a service, but start it by hand
> in a bash after each reboot. I have not been
> able to get any of the procedures I have found
> to install cron as a service to do the job.]

Services only work on NT-based versions of Windows, e.g., WinNT, Win2k, or
WinXP.  There is no concept of services on Win9x.  There might be a
cygrunsrv implementation for Win9x in the future, but not soon.

> Last week I downloaded and updated my installed
> configuration with the latest. From this point
> in time, cron has refused to work - by this I
> mean that all crontab functions appear to function
> as usual, the cron task appears in ps and Mark
> Harig's script does not indicate
> any errors. However my tasks are still not run.

What manner of tests did you use to find out whether cron works?  Did you
try the cron equivalent of "hello world" (i.e., "/usr/bin/date >>

> I have been able to circumvent my difficulty
> by overwriting cron.exe from cron-3.0.1-10.tar.bz2
> with cron.exe from cron-3.0.1-8.tar.bz2, so I'm
> satisfied for the moment, but thought someone
> might want to know about the difference.

There are only 2 minor Cygwin-specific releases between those two, which
basically means that you can download the source tarballs and do a simple
diff.  If you're willing to do some more investigative work and try to
find the culprit, this would help the maintainer of cron immensely.
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