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RE: Problem with cron!


I get the identical symptoms on WIN98SE.

Last week I downloaded and updated my installed
configuration with the latest. From this point
in time, cron has refused to work - by this I
mean that all crontab functions appear to function
as usual, the cron task appears in ps and Mark
Harig's script does not indicate
any errors. However my tasks are still not run.

[It must be mentioned that I do not have cron
installed as a service, but start it by hand
in a bash after each reboot. I have not been
able to get any of the procedures I have found
to install cron as a service to do the job.]

I have been able to circumvent my difficulty
by overwriting cron.exe from cron-3.0.1-10.tar.bz2
with cron.exe from cron-3.0.1-8.tar.bz2, so I'm
satisfied for the moment, but thought someone
might want to know about the difference.


...> RE: Problem with cron!
...> From: "Harig, Mark" <maharig at idirect dot net>
...> To: <tfletcher at netfactoriel dot com>,<cygwin at cygwin dot com>
...> Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 16:14:56 -0400
...> Subject: RE: Problem with cron!
...> Please run the attached script.
...> It will attempt to diagnose your problem
...> with cron.
...> It will not modify any files on your computer.
...> You might need to run the script several times.
...> Each time that it finds a problem, it stops and
...> displays a descriptive message.
 > -----Original Message-----
 > From: Tim []
 > Sent: Friday, June 20, 2003 10:35 AM
 > To:
 > Subject: Problem with cron!
 > hi,
 > i'm having a bit of truble with cron.
 > i have just installed a fresh cygwin on a win2k box.
 > first i create the following crontab
 > --cut--
 > # DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE - edit the master and reinstall.
 > # (/tmp/crontab.1244 installed on Fri Jun 20 16:27:11 2003)
 > # (Cron version -- $Id: crontab.c,v 1.7 2003/04/15 15:13:41
 > corinna Exp $)
 > 0 0 * * * Tim echo "hello"
 > --cut--
 > then run cron (/usr/sbin/cron)
 > if i do a ps i get the following:
 >       464       1     464        464  con 1002 16:23:32 /usr/bin/bash
 >       244       1     244        244    ? 1002 16:27:25 /usr/sbin/cron
 >      1188     464    1188       1512  con 1002 16:33:39 /usr/bin/ps
 > but nothing else seems to happen!
 > i know this is a really stupid question for this list, but i
 > realy have no idea what to do.
 > Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a nice day
 > Tim

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