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Cygwin doesn't show .. in all directories

Hi all,

Apologies if this is old news, but I couldn't find mention of it in
the FAQ or mailing list archives.

I have my F: mounted at /backup under Cygwin.  When I 'ls -al /backup'
there is no '.' or '..' entry in /backup, I guess because they are not
there physically and hence not reported by Windows (FAT filesystems
never have a '.' or '..' in the root directory as far as I know).  On
Linux, every directory, including the root directory '/', has a '.'
and '..' entry, so I guess for consistency they ought to be there.

This is an issue for me because in MToolsFM, which allows you to
graphically browse your directories (plus browse directories via
'mtools'), you go up a directory by double-clicking on a '..' entry in
the list of directory contents.  I imagine that if MToolsFM was hacked
to show a '..' entry even if it didn't see one in the filesystem,
things would work, since 'cd ..' works fine when I am in the /backup
directory (I guess Cygwin doesn't actually look for the directory
entry '..', it just goes up a directory).

Of course I don't know if it might be the case that applications
shouldn't assume that all *nix-ish platforms have a directory entry
pointing to the parent directory.  Either way, please let me know!

Thanks in advance,

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