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Re: SCO/IBM legal issues


You may enjoy reading my article "Let's Put SCO Behind Bars" which you'll find at:

If you agree with what I have to say, please copy the page to your own website. It has a Creative Commons license. I also provide a UBB code version suitable for the message boards that use that format, with plain text coming soon.

Here's the introduction:


While the lawsuits being defended by IBM and filed by Red Hat are likely to put an end to The SCO Group's menace to the Free Software community, I don't think simply putting the company out of business is likely to prevent us from being threatened this way again by other companies who are enemies to our community. I feel we need to send a stronger message.

If we all work together, we can put the executives of the SCO Group in prison where they belong.

If you live in the U.S., please write a letter to your state Attorney General. If you live elsewhere, please write your national or provincial law enforcement authorities. Please ask that the SCO Group be prosecuted for criminal fraud and extortion.


Michael D. Crawford
GoingWare Inc. - Expert Software Development and Consulting

Tilting at Windmills for a Better Tomorrow.

    "I give you this one rule of conduct. Do what you will, but speak
     out always. Be shunned, be hated, be ridiculed, be scared,
     be in doubt, but don't be gagged."
     -- John J. Chapman, "Make a Bonfire of Your Reputations"

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